Suzuki Collision Repair Center

What makes a Suzuki special, is its rare presence on the roads. Since Suzuki stopped its auto sales in the United States, it’s hard to come across or if you do, it’s most likely a classic model. If you’re that rare owner that drives a Suzuki, don’t feel like you have nowhere to go!

Your Suzuki has a home at GoodFellas Collision Center of Las Vegas. Our ASE, I-Car, and Platinum-certified technicians know Suzuki from the inside out and have the proper knowledge to restore or maintain any type of Suzuki no matter what model or year.

Suzuki Collision Repair

What Collision Center to Choose

Getting into an auto collision is the last thing any car owner wants, especially for a Suzuki owner. At our “Class A” rated auto body shop in Las Vegas, we love our Suzuki community and we strive to continue our streak of top-notch services we’ve been providing for the past 30 years.

Why do Suzuki owners love GoodFellas? Unlike other auto body shops in Las Vegas, we carry genuine parts and materials that fit perfectly for any and all Suzuki models. In addition, our ultra-modern facility is equipped with industry-standard tools, machinery, materials, and appliances to get your car restored in an ideal timeframe.

We can ensure that your car is restored with the highest quality implements, practices, and standards that you can’t find anywhere else. Our mission is to keep your Suzuki true to its special design and engineering that it was originally built on. Being involved in an auto collision, big or small, can be time-consuming and stressful.

That’s why here at GoodFellas, we take great care of our clients to get them back safely on the roads with confidence. Your Suzuki is always in trusting hands at GoodFellas Collision Center.

Suzuki Collision Center Las Vegas

5-Star Customer Service

At GoodFellas Collision Center in Las Vegas, we stick by your side from beginning to end throughout the restoration process. We truly understand how it is being involved in a car accident no matter how big or small the damage. That’s why our 5-star customer service team will constantly keep you in the loop on the latest updates and details while your Suzuki is in our shop.

In fact, they look forward to hearing from you! Whether you’ve been in a car accident or seeking our spectacular custom services, you can give us a call at (702)982-5000. Furthermore, stop by our shop conveniently located in the heart of the Las Vegas valley. Also, be sure to visit us on the web for additional information and follow us on social media for the latest industry news, promos, and more!