Tips on Shopping For a Collision Center

Tips on Shopping For a Collision Center

One of the thoughts after a car crash (after making sure everyone is ok) is finding the right place to have your car serviced. Many outside influences may try and direct you to a particular collision center, however, the decision is yours. Shopping for the right collision center for your car can be a challenging task. GoodFellas Collision Center wants your car in safe hands.

Here are some of the tips we recommend you take when choosing the right collision center.

I-Car Certification

Always remember this when shopping for a collision center, not all shops are created equally. Each and every repair shop has its own practices and procedures they follow, however, one of the key foundations of a collision center is their certification status. When a collision center has obtained an I- Car certification, you can trust that your car is being serviced by qualified advanced trained auto technicians. I-Car certified shops undergo rigorous inspections and require all auto technicians to be trained and perform to an optimal level. Choosing a Collision center with proper certifications will ensure your car is repaired to the highest standard. centers that don’t carry an I-Car certification, can be a gamble on their level of performance.

Making a Selection

Following a car accident, the typical process is to file a claim with your auto insurance company. When speaking with the claims department, you may be advised to take your car to one of their preferred shops. However, you have the choice to take your car wherever you want to have it repaired. The insurance estimator can travel to any collision center you are having your car serviced at. We here at Good Fellas work closely with auto insurance companies to help our customers with having the smoothest process as possible.

Do your Homework

Doing your homework when it comes to choosing the right collision center is extremely important. The good thing is doing your homework on collision centers doesn’t have to take much time. Checking reviews online can be a quick excellent resource to learn about a collision centers reputation. Read the reviews carefully and come up with a list of questions to ask when consulting a collision center. Any questions you may have, the collision center should be more than happy to answer. If they are less than patient in addressing your concerns, this is a key indication this is probably not the collision center to bring your car to.