How to Travel with Your Dog in Your Car

How to Travel With Your Dog in Your Car

With summer in full swing means road trips and traveling with our loved ones– including our furry friends! It can be a fun and exciting experience traveling with our dogs as we take them along for the journey. But making sure they are safe and comfortable throughout the ride is what matters the most. Here are five easy tips to ensure your canine is in for an enjoyable drive!

5 Tips for Car Travel With Your Dog

1. Keep them comfortable

The first thing to consider is making sure your furry friend is comfortable riding in your vehicle. Do they have anxiety? Are they prone to motion sickness? Consider your dog’s breed and personality to attend to their needs. If your dog isn’t use to riding in cars, slowly ease their way into it so they can get use to the ride. Especially if you’re traveling far with them, you want to be sure it’s in their best interest.

2. Think about safety

Safety is absolutely key with your canine along for the ride. You want to make sure they are safe and secure while traveling, so be sure to find a system that works best for the both of you. There are many car accessories for pets including kennels and crates, guards nets, harness seat belts, and back seat hammocks. It’s also to remember, that they should not be roaming freely in the backseat while you drive. This can be very unsafe to you and them!

3. Rest stops

It’s important that you lan out rest stops along the way. You want to be sure they have their share for stretching, doing their business, and eating or drinking. On the bright side

4. Bring along their necessities

Tip #3 goes hand in hand with this tip for bringing along their essentials. Don’t forget to bring along their leash and food/treats and water (including their bowls). You can also bring any toys or blankets to keep them occupied if your furry friend is more inclined to anxiety. The last thing you want having them distract you while you drive.

5. Drive safe

Be sure to practice safe, defensive driving especially with your pup in the car. Remember to never leave them in your car in high temperatures and never try to attend to them while driving. When in doubt, pull over if needed!