Benefits of Hand Washing Your Car

Goodfellas Collision Center -Benefits of Hand Washing Your Car

As we wake up Saturday morning and get ready to start our errands, we notice a car wash needs to be added to the list when reaching our dirty car. We now have a decision to make, a quick automatic drive-through car wash or hand washing your car. Though an automatic drive-thru car wash may save on time, in the long run, it’s actually damaging our cars more than we think. There’s is a saying “ there are no free lunches” which usually means the quick and easy way, is not the most beneficial. Hand washing your car requires more time and usually needs to be planned in advance. Hand washing your car can seem like an impossible task. however, we here at Goodfellas Auto Collision, love hand washing our cars and here’s why.

Let’s Take a Look at the Benefits of Hand Washing Your Car

The Preservation of Your Car

Your car’s paint needs TLC, (Tender Loving Care, not the band), especially because the hot summer weather can cause damage to your car. Hand car washes provide an extra level of attention to your car’s paint job by helping preserve it. A hand car wash provides fine detail to areas where an automatic car wash can’t reach. When you add wax to your hand car wash, it gives it an extra level of protection along with a glossy finish.

Prevents Potential Damage

The last thing you want to see when getting a car wash is any damage done to your car. Automatic Car washes have multiple amounts of machines brushing against your car with a heavy amount of force. This along with high-pressure water can cause damage not only to your paint but also can create small dents to your car.

Long Term Cost-Effectiveness

It’s no secret that having a professional hand washing your car will be more costly when compared to an automatic car wash. The price difference between the two washes is based on the amount of time and cleanliness devoted to your car. A hand car wash may take up to a couple of hours, depending on the car size. Though the price difference upfront may be higher, the long term cost actually is lower, hand washing your car effect lasts longer. This preventing frequent trips to the car wash and helps keep your paint at its most optimum.

No Health Risk

Believe it or not, there is a health risk to having your car go through an automatic car wash. The buildup of bacteria and dust that collect in cars overtime isn’t always reached in an automatic car wash. Hand car washes which use steam can kill bacteria and prevent the spreading of germs. When you decide to have your hand car washed you can have more control of which chemicals are used on your car inside and out. Certain chemicals used by automatic car washes can have an impact on our health. When you hand wash your car, you can choose to use safer green cleaning products.